Workload Awareness

In an organization with positive workload management, employees might say:

  • The amount of work i am expected to do is reasonable for my position.
  • I can talk to my supervisor about the amount of work i have to do.
  • I have sufficient time to complete my work.
  • Deadlines are reasonable.
  • The frequency of staff turnover is reasonable for our sector.
  • I feel my job is secure.
  • I can do my job effectively with the tools and equipment provided.

Where are you on workload?

Workload complaint form

Article 6.04 of the OPSSU Collective Agreement acknowledges a process whereby workload issues can be addressed by a Joint Employer/Union committee. If you have a workload issue, the matter must first be discussed with your supervisor. If the problem cannot be resolved, it may then be forwarded to the Workload Committee.

In order to assist the Committee in dealing with the issue, please download and fill out this Word document.

The information you need is:

  • Name:
  • Title and Classification:
  • What is the issue (please provide details):
  • What work (if any) is not being done as a result?
  • How can the problem be resolved?
  • Supervisor: Date discussed:
  • Action taken by supervisor:
  • OPSSU steward:
  • Date forwarded to workload committee:
  • Action taken: