OPSSU Executive Committee 2023-2025

The 23-25 Executive Committee members were elected during the general membership meeting on Nov. 25, 2023. Their two-year terms run until the 2025 fall GMM.

President (full-time bookoff) – Cheryl Wing, president@opssu.ca

Lead Steward (full-time bookoff) – Tim Mulhall, leadsteward@opssu.ca, 705-790-3104

First Black, Indigenous, Racialized Vice President – Michael Kirlew

Second Equity Vice President – Richard Davis

First Vice President – Alyssa Walker

Second Vice President – Robin Lostracco

Secretary – Hasnain Abid, secretary@opssu.ca

Membership Secretary – Jessica Dunn, membershipsecretary@opssu.ca

Treasurer – Jeff Weston, treasurer@opssu.ca

Steward at Large – Bryan Stamm

Steward at Large – Rhonda Ferguson