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  • OPSSU Executive Committee 2023-2025

    The 23-25 Executive Committee members were elected during the general membership meeting on Nov. 25, 2023. Their two-year terms run until the 2025 fall GMM.

    President (full-time bookoff) – Cheryl Wing,

    Lead Steward (full-time bookoff) – Tim Mulhall,, 705-790-3104

    First Black, Indigenous, Racialized Vice President – Michael Kirlew

    Second Equity Vice President – Richard Davis

    First Vice President – Alyssa Walker

    Second Vice President – Robin Lostracco

    Secretary – Hasnain Abid,

    Membership Secretary – Jessica Dunn,

    Treasurer – Jeff Weston,

    Steward at Large – Bryan Stamm

    Steward at Large – Rhonda Ferguson

  • OPSSU Shop stewards

    OPSSU members elect their shop stewards every two years. The current term runs from the fall of 2023 to the fall of 2025. Units with a vacant steward position can hold elections at any time to fill the vacancy for the remainder of the two-year term.

    Article 10 of the OPSSU Constitution mandates that stewards hold at least three unit meetings per year to identify employment relationship problems.

    Accounting and Payroll (1 position) – Jessica Dunn

    Arbitrations and Legal Services (2 positions) – Robin Lostracco, Jean-Philippe Maher

    Information Technology (1 position) – Jeff Weston

    Local Services Division, Job Security Unit (1 position) – Hasnain Abid

    Membership Services/Conference & Travel – vacant

    Negotiations (1 position) – Bryan Stamm

    Organizing (1 position) – Kiera Chion

    Operations Services Unit and Mailroom/Print Shop Unit (2 positions) – Patrick Heaney, vacant

    Pensions & Benefits, Health and Safety, and Equity (2 positions) – Giulia Volpe, Jannet Geddes

    Public Affairs & Education (1 position) – Andy Pedersen

    Region 1 (2 positions) – Lorri Foley, Michael Kirlew

    Region 2 (2 positions) – Cheryl Wing, Tim Elphick

    Region 3 (2 positions) – Amanda Enright, Tim Mulhall, Milyana Alexander

    Region 4 (2 positions) – Nelson Ross Laguna, Alex Lane

    Region 5 (2 positions) – Charla Farmer, Christine Laverty

    Region 6 (2 positions) – Denis Chenier, Lori Clement

    Region 7 (1 position) – Mark Campenar

    Research (1 position) – Christian Down