Vacation Approval

Hi everyone,

I’m writing regarding a recent communication to Local Services and the Collective Bargaining Division from Steve Saysell.  I want to clarify OPSSU’s position on the matter of finding your own vacation coverage.

Steve’s statement that “this has been the accepted practice” is false and misleading. 

Article 19.10 (a) clearly states that vacation requests “will be granted on the basis of seniority within a particular regional office or Head Office department.”

OPSEU is well aware of our position on this issue and OPSSU has filed a policy grievance, an individual grievance, and has included this in our Unfair Labour Practice charges against OPSEU.  Just because the Employer has unilaterally and erroneously implemented a direction in contravention of the Collective Agreement for several years does not, in any way, mean that OPSSU has accepted this practice.  OPSSU has in fact continuously challenged this practice since its inception.

Unfortunately, if you want your vacation approved, based on Steve Saysell’s direction, you will need to find coverage until such time as the issue is resolved by mutual agreement or determined by an arbitration decision.

I am saddened that OPSEU continues to issue direction in clear violation of our Collective Agreement.

I will keep you updated as we move forward.

Thanks and take care,


President, OPSSU