Return to work

As our return to the workplace is fast approaching (commencing March 7 for Support Staff and March 14 for Pro-Tech Staff), I’m reaching out to provide you with further information. I apologize for the lateness of this communication, but we wanted to ensure that we had as much information as possible before communicating; we met with OPSEU yesterday in order to raise our members’ concerns, and OPSEU was able to answer almost all of our questions.

You have all received an email today from Ted Panagiotoulias, outlining some important information about the return to the workplace.

In our meeting with OPSEU yesterday, we heard loudly and clearly that OPSEU’s plan for the return to workplace is based on flexibility and understanding, taking into consideration that each employee will have different comfort levels in the return to the workplace; OPSEU advised that it is considering both physical health and safety and psychological health and safety. As such, if you require flexibility or accommodation in the return to work, you should reach out as soon as possible to your Supervisor to request the necessary assistance, flexibility, and/or accommodation. Some solutions may be flexible start/end times, a gradual build-up of days in the office, attending meetings virtually, etc. If you need assistance in this regard, please contact your Steward.

As Ted outlined in his email, all employees (whether permanent or temporary) will continue to be paid if they are unable to attend the workplace due to having COVID-19 symptoms or they need to self-isolate, etc. We were heartened when OPSEU advised us that this has been – and will continue to be – its practice. We also want to remind you that all OPSSU members (whether permanent or temporary) have 10 sick days per calendar year, paid at 100%.

As you may already be aware, OPSEU members are not – at this time – able to physically attend any OPSEU offices (or membership centres attached to OPSEU offices). If you believe that you are being directed or pressured to meet with members in person, please contact your Steward. In addition, OPSEU has advised us that ALL persons entering an OPSEU worksite (including visitors, contractors, etc.) are subject to OPSEU’s COVID-19 Safe Workplace Directive AND its masking policy; if any concerns arise with respect to this, please contact your Supervisor, Steward, Health and Safety Representative and/or email There is a JOHS committee meeting on Monday, March 14th so if you have questions our committee representatives can take those questions directly to the Employer.

I hope that this information provides you with additional clarity and comfort in the return to the workplace.

We are committed to continuing dialogue with OPSEU through the return to the workplace process. If you encounter any issues or have any outstanding questions, please reach out and we will try to get an answer and/or solve the problem.

Stay safe,

Lois Boggs
President, OPSSU