OPSSU will be in a legal strike position at 12:01 a.m. on Dec. 12, 2014 if we are unable to settle our collective agreement with OPSEU. Your union has well in excess of $1 million in our Strike Fund; however, with roughly 300 members, the amount of strike pay per person is not large.  This means each of us needs to find ways to prepare financially and stretch our dollars.

Strike pay for each member who performs strike duties is $20 per day, or $100 per week (based on five days).  This amount increases by $2 per day for each dependant, up to a maximum of four dependants.

Suggestions for budgeting in the event of a strike;

  • Delay any large purchases
  • Talk to your bank or credit union before your next mortgage payment is due to arrange a plan in the event of a strike – most mortgages allow you to defer one payment to the end of your mortgage.
  • Speak to your landlord to arrange an alternative plan during a strike
  • Ask your utilities company to spread out your payments
  • Speak to any lenders to defer loan payments; or consider refinancing to reduce payments
  • Speak to your municipal office if property taxes can be deferred
  • Use of credit cards is less than ideal during a strike, but, if you do use them, pay the minimum charges
  • Use a line of credit with lower interest charges instead of credit cards
  • Contact insurance agents to ask about monthly payments instead of annual lump sum
  • Speak to friends and family to assist with child-care
    If you want to cash out out any credits, ensure you do this before Dec. 4 in order to receive payment by Dec. 11.

Please let your Unit Contact know your preferred picket location. This may be different than your work location, depending on where you live. In addition, if you have any special needs that will affect your ability to perform picket or strike duties please let your Unit Contact know.  We’ll be determining picket locations and picket teams prior to Dec. 11, 2014 so we need this information as quickly as possible.

From your OPSSU Strike Duties/Communications Committee
Authorized for distribution by Cameron Walker, President OPSSU

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