OPSSU LogoOPSSU got its start in 1974 when it received certification from the Ontario Labour Relations Board as the bargaining agent for staff working for the Civil Service Association of Ontario (CSAO), which became OPSEU in 1975.

Currently we are 341 members strong.

OPSSU members bring a wide diversity of skills and backgrounds to the work we do every day, and we perform a huge range of work for and with OPSEU members.

We provide support for locals, negotiate collective agreements, handle grievances and accommodations, provide local leadership development and training, and give expert advice as needed;

We develop and deliver union courses, interactive education events and conferences and orientation for local presidents;

We prepare, research and handle grievances including arbitration and mediation;

We provide legal services and support;

We negotiate and enforce collective agreements, provide advice, guidance and support to sectors, and plan divisional meetings;

We conduct computer programming and provide information technology systems support, program and maintain telephone and cell phone hardware and systems;

We design, maintain and update the central website in both French and English;

We clean and provide building maintenance services for Head Office, membership centres and regional offices;

We conduct research and write reports for bargaining, campaigns and arbitration:

We organize new locals, including mobilizing, campaigning and card signing;

We update and maintain the central Unionware membership database; book meetings and events including hotels, flights and other travel;

We write press releases, speeches, campaign materials and newsletters; maintain media relations and conduct media interviews in both French and English;

We develop campaigns strategies and budgets; run campaigns supporting good jobs, bargaining and labour rights; coordinate strike supports; translate web and print materials into French; create campaign videos; design campaign and communications graphics; take photographs; develop and maintain corporate branding; run social media accounts and prepare telephone town halls;

We provide office support in every department and at every regional office;

We deliver health and safety training, advice and guidance and provide pensions expertise;

We print all union materials including campaigns items, collective agreements and newsletters; process and deliver mail and parcels including weekly shipments to all regional offices;

We maintain corporate accounting including processing expense claims and payroll;

We prepare and staff the annual convention, including speaking notes, hotel bookings, design materials, coordination of meetings;

We provide support for all equity committees and caucuses; give advice and guidance on human rights issues and liaise with international solidarity organizations;

…and more!