OPSSU supports Essex County library workers on strike

October 19, 2016 – The Ontario Public Service Staff Union stands in solidarity with the library workers of Essex County, members of CUPE 2974, during their fourth month on strike.

The library workers have been on strike since June 25, 2016. They were forced out on strike to protect their sick leave plan. Essex County Council has insisted on concessions to the workers’ sick leave provisions, despite having lost an arbitration on the same issue, and despite both parties acknowledging that there has been no issue to date with employees’ use of the current sick leave plan.

Libraries are so important to our communities, our families and our children. Essex county residents (including some OPSSU members) have been missing their libraries for over three months. OPSSU stands in support of strong public services and fair contracts for the public employees who provide them. The library services provided to the community by Essex County library workers is invaluable.

OPSSU calls on Essex County Council to end this strike by taking the sick leave concessions off the table and bargain a fair deal with the library workers of CUPE 2974.

How OPSSU members can support Essex County library workers:

Send a donation: OPSSU has sent a donation and letter of support to the CUPE Local 2974 strike fund last week from our solidarity fund. We also encourage OPSSU members to make personal donations as well if they can.

Cheques can be made out to CUPE Local 2974 and sent to the following address:

CUPE Local 2974
c/o Lynn Glasier
3200 Deziel Drive Unit 414
Windsor, Ontario N8W 5K8

Check the union’s website for more ways you can support the strike: http://cupe.on.ca/cupe-local-2974-essex-county-library-workers/. This page will give you details on how to:

  • Send a message to Essex City Council: You can use the form on the union’s website, asking them to settle this strike and re-open the libraries.
  • Visit the picket line: Times and contact info are listed
  • Donate to the 2974 Food bank: Find out what non-perishable goods are needed and where to drop them off
  • Send a message of support to the picket lines: Use this form to send your message of support.

Follow the Essex County Library Workers on social media:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Cupe2974Library/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CUPE2974