OPSSU meal allowance updates

Updated expense claim form

Following our June 2023 GMM last month, it was raised that our meal rates had not changed to be in line with OPSEU/SEFPO, but instead the omission of meal rates was an error in version edit of our constitution/policies.

After careful review of the constitution and policies, it was determined that our meal rates were not changed but had erroneously been removed from the constitution during an update. As such our OPSSU meal rates remain at the following:

  • Breakfast: $13.00
  • Lunch: $19.00
  • Dinner: $29.00

OPSEU/SEFPO recently raised its meal rates, and these rates will apply when claiming meal allowances while working in accordance with Article 17.05 of our collective agreement:

17.05  Meal Allowance

          (Applicable to PPT and Temporary Staff)     

            The meal allowances paid to staff will be the same as those paid to members while on official and approved OPSEU/SEFPO business.

The OPSSU Constitution does not contain an Article that allows us to match the OPSEU/SEFPO rates for OPSSU events and meetings. Our current rates can only be increased by a constitutional amendment at our GMM.

Further, we have confirmed that no one from OPSSU who submitted the increased OPSEU/SEFPO meal rates has been compensated at those rates while on OPSSU business. Also, any claims for meals that have been submitted will be reimbursed at the rates listed above.

Please note that the new kilometric rate is applicable at the close of the GMM on June 17. Inbound travel will be paid at the old rate of $0.40 per KM. Outbound travel will be paid at the new rate of $0.55/km

If you have any questions about this update or submitting expense claims, please email Jeff Weston at treasurer@opssu.ca