Contracting-in win! Wellesley cleaning services brought inhouse

Hi everyone. I wanted to share some great news with you. We are happy to announce that the cleaning services for 31 Wellesley will now be provided in-house, and two applications are now open:

During the last round of bargaining the OPSSU bargaining team put a proposal forward regarding contracting out. 

Letter of Understanding 17 – re: contracting out

The parties agree that as a part of the current staffing review they will discuss the issue of ongoing services that are being provided by outside service providers with a view of trying to bring these services in house.

The parties further agree that as OPSEU/SEFPO opens new facilities, the Employer will make reasonable efforts to keep as many services in house as possible.

The Employer agrees that within ninety (90) days of ratification of this agreement that it will provide a list to the Union of ongoing services that are being provided by outside service providers.

The parties also agree that benefit services and the EFAP are not included in these services.

Dated this 24th day of February 2023 at TORONTO, Ontario.

This is just a start as we are striving for all OPSEU-owned buildings to be cleaned by OPSSU members.

If you know of any OPSSU or OPSEU members that may be interested in this position, please encourage them to apply.  I’ve also attached the posting for cleaning services at the 5757 Coopers office for you to share.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank and commend our current cleaning staff at some of our OPSEU buildings.  They work so hard and are doing such a fantastic job keeping our workplaces clean.  We thank you all for your hard work.

Thank you

Lois Boggs
President OPSSU