Executive Committee

  • OPSSU Executive Committee 2023-2025

    The 23-25 Executive Committee members were elected during the general membership meeting on Nov. 25, 2023. Their two-year terms run until the 2025 fall GMM. President (full-time bookoff) – Cheryl Wing, president@opssu.ca Lead Steward (full-time bookoff) – Tim Mulhall, leadsteward@opssu.ca, 705-790-3104 First Black, Indigenous, Racialized Vice President – Michael Kirlew Second Equity Vice President –…

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  • OPSSU Executive Committee 2021-2023

    President – Lois Boggs, president@opssu.ca, 905-978-3147 1st Vice President – Cheryl Wing, 1stvicepresident@opssu.ca 2nd Vice President – Michael Kirlew, 2ndvicepresident@opssu.ca Lead Steward – Tim Mulhall, leadsteward@opssu.ca, 705-790-3104 Secretary – Lorri Foley, secretary@opssu.ca Treasurer – Jeff Weston, treasurer@opssu.ca Membership Secretary – Alyssa Walker, membershipsecretary@opssu.ca Steward at Large – Jessica Dunn Steward at Large – Hasnain Abid

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  • Vacation Approval

    Hi everyone, I’m writing regarding a recent communication to Local Services and the Collective Bargaining Division from Steve Saysell.  I want to clarify OPSSU’s position on the matter of finding your own vacation coverage. Steve’s statement that “this has been the accepted practice” is false and misleading.  Article 19.10 (a) clearly states that vacation requests “will…

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