The Insider – OPSSU Newsletter, November 2018

  • President’s Message
  • First Vice-President’s Messagee
  • Chief Steward’s Updatee
  • OPSSU Halloween Spirite
  • Membership Secretary Report
  • Pay Equity Committee Update
  • Local Services Division pics
  • 2nd Vice-President’s Message
  • Racialized Committee Update
  • Staff Union Conference
  • The “Chop off the Head” Approach to Wellness
  • Region 1 sets a challenge

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Wellness Committee Members

The Wellness Committee is a delegated committee with members from the Benefits Committee and the Health and Safety Committee.

  • Robin Lostracco (Benefits Committee Member)
  • Frank Ingliss (Health and Safety Committee)
  • Natalie DeHaney-Stewart
  • Cindi Shoot