Ontario Public Service Staff Union

We fight alongside OPSEU/SEFPO members for good jobs and better, fairer, safer workplaces.

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  • The Insider – OPSSU Newsletter, November 2018

    President’s Message First Vice-President’s Messagee Chief Steward’s Updatee OPSSU Halloween Spirite Membership Secretary Report Pay Equity Committee Update Local Services Division pics 2nd Vice-President’s Message Racialized Committee Update Staff Union Conference The “Chop off the Head” Approach to Wellness Region 1 sets a challenge

  • OPSSU Retirees Group Members

    Mike Culkeen – chair Tom Wood – vice-chair Carol Warner – secretary Janet Wright – member at large

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  • Women’s Committee Members

    Emily Visser Michelle Langlois Cindi Shoot Attasha Jordan Ceceil Beckford – executive liaison

  • Wellness Committee Members

    The Wellness Committee is a delegated committee with members from the Benefits Committee and the Health and Safety Committee. Robin Lostracco (Benefits Committee Member) Frank Ingliss (Health and Safety Committee) Natalie DeHaney-Stewart Cindi Shoot

  • Workload Committee Members

    Rona Rigotti Gwen Merritt (Executive Liaison) Lois Boggs

  • Scholarship Committee Members

    Michael Hocavar Ceceil Beckford Lois Boggs- executive liaison

  • Soc and Rec Committee Members

    Anita Porter Janney Haggart Angela Zhu Stephanie Spenard Sheila Sak Jannet Geddes Lorri Foley – executive liaison

  • Education Committee Members

    Panagiota Panagakos Michelle Parker Patrick Heaney Shelly Savage Attasha Jordan Hasnain Abid – executive liaison