Your bargaining team met with the employer and the conciliator today to work towards reaching some common ground on the issues that the membership highlighted as their greatest concerns when the first offer was rejected during the ratification vote.

We were advised that the employer was prepared to move on two of the issues, however, they were unwilling to consider any language regarding creating a psychologically safe work environment. As you are all aware, a psychologically safe work environment is our number one demand.

The union attempted to table better language around this issue that would have committed the employer to implement any report recommendations. The employer was not willing to agree to this, however from the union’s perspective, workers have a right to a psychologically safe work environment.

The employer requested a No Board report without tabling any formal offers. The conciliator informed us that the employer asked for a No Board after they read a tweet that stated: “No worker should have to tolerate psychological harassment in the workplace.”

Once the No Board has been issued, the clock begins to tick down to a strike or lockout deadline.

Thank you for all your support, strength and solidarity that you have demonstrated over the last few weeks. The bargaining team will be working with the Executive and Mobilizers regarding the next steps and future communication. Please check your emails and be in contact with your Stewards for future updates.

In Solidarity,
OPSSU Bargaining Team

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