Your bargaining team met with the Employer Monday and
Tuesday, exchanging proposals and attempting to work
through demands to find some common ground. Both days
were long with over 15 hours each day being dedicated to the
pursuit of a collective agreement.

The highlight of our two days was looking at the Facebook posts with all of the pictures from across the province. We  were energized and motivated by the support shown by our membership. Thank you all so much for wearing red, gathering together to socialize and support your bargaining team. Keep up the momentum! It makes a huge difference!

Progress was made both days with exchanges taking place and a few agreed to items being signed off. The team worked into the evenings pushing as far as we could get before wrapping up at 11:30pm on Tuesday.

Our next meeting with the Employer is set for June 29th  and 30th. Mediator Brian Keller will be joining us to assist in reaching a new collective agreement. There are no further
dates set beyond June 30th. Your team asked the Employer for dates in July and August, but so far, no further meeting dates have been offerred.

Depending on how we progress June 29th and 30th, we may be calling for an OPSSU General Membership meeting to seek a mandate from the membership with respect to further action/ direction. We hope that this won’t be necessary but if it is, please mark your calendars for Saturday, July 16th to attend the meeting.

Please stay tuned for word from our Mobilizing Committee on future activities.


As a reminder, the members of the Bargaining Team can be reached through our dedicated email address:

Additionally, if you are not getting OPSSU emails, it is important you contact Pati Habermann at so that she can direct your OPSSU email to your personal one, or provide you with the log-in information you need to access your OPSSU email account.

Please remember to use your personal email address and not the employer’s email when communicating with the Bargaining Team.

In solidarity,

Mirla Alvarado – Chair
on behalf of your OPSSU Bargaining Team

Download Bargaining Bulletin #3