OPSSU documents

2016 - 2018 OPSSU Memorandum of Settlement
2016 - 2019 OPSSU Collective Agreement - (searchable)
2015 OPSSU Constitution
Expenses Policy
Workload Complaint Form

OPSSU Reports

Advisory Group report to OPSSU GMM

Benefit Documents

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SSQ Benefits Booklet
SSQ Benefit Claim Form
SSQ Dental Claim Form
Employee Assistance Program flyer
Employee Assistance Program FAQ


OPSSU Grievance Form


OPSSU Membership Information Form
OPSSU Retiree Form

The Ontario Public Service Staff Union (OPSSU) represents the front line staff of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union. We work in the union’s head office in Toronto and in 19 regional offices across Ontario, providing a wide range of services to over 100,000 of the union’s members.