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OPSSU reaches last-minute deal with OPSEU

(TORONTO – August 25, 2016) The Ontario Public Service Staff Union (OPSSU) has reached a last-minute tentative agreement with the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU), narrowly averting a strike. The strike deadline was set for Thursday, August 25, 2016 at 12:01a.m.

Bargaining team chair, Mirla Alvarado Fenn, thanked her members and allies for their support during difficult negotiations: “We would not have been able to sustain our strength during bargaining without the outpouring of support from not only our own OPSSU members, but also OPSEU member allies and friends in the labour movement. Throughout the bargaining phase it was clear that our members were united and we will now enter into the most important phase, which is education and enforcement of our collective agreement.”

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Response to Doug Evetts letter

Well it’s another day and another attempt by the employer to bargaining directly with OPSSU members. It sure would be nice if they spent this time at the bargaining table, rather than writing to our members to tell them how badly OPSSU is behaving, and how dirty and underhanded your bargaining team is.

Mr. Evetts in his letter dated August 16th stated, “Negotiations have not resumed.”, but today he states, “in our most recent proposal, we moved on…” Which is it? Have there or have there not been negotiations between the parties?

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Dear Allies of OPSEU Staff – We need your help!

From the OPSSU Bargaining Team:

Today, Thursday August 18, OPSEU is only six days away from a labour disruption. A labour disruption that will halt the advocacy and support you’ve come to expect from OPSEU staff, halt the expense reimbursement and TAR processing you rely upon to offset your incredible sacrifice as union activists, and halt the bargaining and other meetings that advance your workplace issues.

OPSEU staff are eager to get this deal done. We are eager to get back to the bargaining table. Although the parties can and should continue bargaining until the ‘no board’ deadline (12:01 am Thursday August 25, 2016), OPSEU management is doing otherwise. Instead of spending time negotiating, OPSEU management has spent the last week demanding that their staff justify carrying signs in a union-sanctioned information picket. Our members are cooperating and the employer’s “findings” from these meetings will be provided to Administrator of Employee Relations, Bob Eaton.

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Setting the record straight…

As it seems that the employer feels a need to bargain directly with OPSSU members, instead of through the normal channel of communications (which at this point is the Conciliator), OPSSU must set the record straight.

The rules are simple!

As everyone is aware, the OPSSU Bargaining Team endorsed the tentative agreement reached on June 30, 2016 with the Employer. We communicated that the team was UNANIMOUSLY recommending ratification by the membership on several occasions. The tentative agreement was nonetheless rejected by 68% of the OPSSU membership who attended the July 16 ratification vote. This action was not only a rejection vote, but also a strike mandate. This has been the standard practice for our union when holding a ratification vote prior to a strike vote.

Immediately after the vote the Chair of the Bargaining Team and the OPSSU President informed the Employer’s Bargaining Team spokesperson that the tentative agreement had been rejected.

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OPSSU, the staff union, returns to the table with OPSEU

(TORONTO – August 2, 2016) Ontario Public Service Staff Union (OPSSU) and the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) return to the bargaining table with a conciliator on Wednesday, August 3, 2016.  If a deal is not reached, OPSEU staff could be on strike or locked out as early as the end of August.

OPSSU voted by a majority of 68% to reject a tentative agreement and in favour of strike action if necessary. OPSSU has not voted down an agreement in 20 years.

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