Thanks for your support

Thanks to OPSSU members, OPSEU members and all of our allies for the outpouring of support. We are stronger together.

Any labour activist knows that when a deal is rejected we seek support and public awareness. It goes against all trade union principles that OPSEU management has threatened their staff with disciplinary action for exercising our right to communicate.

OPSSU respects member privacy

OPSSU did not violate any policy by sending out an email asking for support from OPSEU members: Solidarity is central to labour activism. All of the email addresses used to communicate with OPSEU members were found online on public websites. We respect the privacy of the OPSEU database. It is unfortunate that OPSEU does not trust their staff to honour member information privacy.

OPSSU is committed to health and safety in the workplace

OPSEU is less committed to health and safety in the workplace than they want people to think. We asked OPSEU management to participate in a workplace stress survey and they refused. They then did not acknowledge the survey results. It is shocking that they have now publicly undermined the process, falsely claiming that only 50% of our members participated, when it was close to 60%. This is a good response rate. Think of the Social Mapping Project, which had 27,000 respondents out of a membership of 120,000: a response rate of 22.5%.

OPSSU believes in a workplace free of intimidation and bullying behaviours

Bob Eaton – the OPSEU Administrator for Employee Relations as well as Organizing, Public and Government Affairs, Campaigns and Education – has demanded that OPSSU’s mention of intimidation by management be “immediately retracted”. This response is an intimidation tactic in itself.

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OPSEU staff are asking for your support

By now you have probably heard that the staff at OPSEU are in bargaining with their employer, OPSEU management (Smokey and his team). You may also have received a robocall from Smokey last week about bargaining, and seen the press releases from OPSEU and OPSSU (the Ontario Public Service Staff Union). 
[Read the OPSSU press release here]

You are receiving this communication because, after four days of negotiations, OPSEU staff and OPSEU management reached a tentative agreement, which OPSEU staff rejected. OPSEU management immediately filed for conciliation. Given the way things went with the first round of negotiations, OPSEU staff are very concerned that OPSEU management will lock us out or force us out on strike.

Staff trust in OPSEU management is at an all-time low. We are tired of management intimidation, and fed up with being silenced as activists. OPSEU management would not condone their own behaviour in the workplaces they represent.

We need OPSEU management to return to the bargaining table with a commitment to improve the workplace for all staff, and create a work environment where respect is a priority.

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OPSSU Press Release


OPSSU rejects tentative agreement with OPSEU, votes in favour of strike action if necessary

(TORONTO – July 18, 2016) The Ontario Public Service Staff Union (OPSSU), the union representing staff of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU), voted on July 16, 2016 by a 68% majority to reject a tentative agreement and in favour of strike action should that be necessary.

Following a presentation by the bargaining team recommending the deal, OPSSU members gave a strong message that it falls short of an acceptable offer.

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